Pastor Bruce Varner
Pastor Bruce Varner


Pastor, Bruce Varner


Our Pastor, Bruce E. Varner, began his ministry with Bible Baptist Fellowship in January of 2001. Pastor Varner is a Bible-believing man who loves the Lord and is faithful to God’s word (AV 1611). He was saved when he was 18 years old under the direct ministry of Pastor Charles Perkins of Bible Baptist Church in Auburn, N.Y. He sensed God’s calling while open air preaching at East High Stadium on December 24, 1979. He was trained for the ministry in and through the local church ministry of the Bible Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. His training Pastors were Peter S. Ruckman and James McGaughey. Pastor Varner is married. He and his wife Samantha have a son, Nicolas.


Pastor Varner is available to you, should you need spiritual help. He can be reached through email or by phone.  Please click here to view his contact information or send him an email.




Assistant Pastor Greg Dense
Assistant Pastor Greg Dense



Assistant Pastor, Greg Dense


Greg Dense accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Savior in February, 1990 under the ministry of Bible Baptist Fellowship's founding Pastor, Marv Lamos.  Greg was called to preach at a revival meeting at Bible Baptist Fellowship not long after his salvation. Brother Dense trained for the ministry within two local church settings.Greg attended Bible Baptist Fellowship for over 12 years while studying under Pastors Lamos and Varner. He also received training in an urban ministry in Elmira, N. Y., serving Pastor Richard Hack and Lighthouse Baptist Church (formerly Independent Baptist Church) for nearly 10 years.  In September 2012, his Lord, his home church, and Pastor Varner called him to his present position. Greg is married and he and his wife Jackie have two children, Alyssa and Jeffrey.


Brother Dense is available to you should you need spiritual help.  He can be reached through email or by phone. You may contact him via our church's  contact form.




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