10 Reasons Why Contemporary Man No Longer Believes in Hell Fire



Contemporary man no longer believes in hell fire because of :


1. A prejudiced mind. The mind is unable to form any correct judgment on the subject of hell when the Bible has been prejudicially disqualified, disregarded, and rejected.


2. Ignorance of the Bible (AV 1611). A person who does not read the Bible cannot know what it says about hell and is therefore incapable of making an intelligent decision regarding it.


3. Negligent preachers. Modernistic liberal Preachers have ceased to proclaim the truth about hell and the fact that Jesus Christ came to save souls from it.


4. False teaching on hell. Some teachers have declared hell is only temporary, symbolic, or imaginary. Others have taught it is death or annihilation. The Bible doctrine of a real, burning hell has not been taught to contemporary man (Deuteronomy 32:22; Mark 9:42-48).


5. Failure to realize the enormity of sin. The root of human sin is a pitting of the intellect, judgment, and will against the Holy and Righteous God. It is a mistrust and accusation against God who possesses perfect and complete knowledge and judgment. Our minds are clearly finite, yet we assume we have a better understanding and judgment than God (Genesis 3:4-6). Sin is the detesting of God; the turning of the mind and heart against God in suspicion, hatred, and repulsion (Deuteronomy 7:9,10). This is what defiled the universe, ignited the flames of hell, and brought war, famine, disease, death, and damnation to man. There must be a hell to separate sin and its effects from the New Heavens and Earth.


6. Underestimating the destructive power of a fallen soul. To many minds, man is insignificant and harmless in comparison to God and the vast universe, and they ask: Why would God send man to hell? These people have rejected or ignored the Bible revelation of man (Psalm 8). At death the soul departs from the body (Genesis 35:18) and takes its literal spirit form (Revelation 6:9,10). What if an unsaved human soul is transformed at the moment of death into an indestructible, uncontrollable, raging, hateful, fallen angel (Matthew 25:41)? What if this fallen angel or demoniac human soul has the potential to enter and exit the interior of the earth (Revelation 9:1,2), and to travel throughout the first and second heaven to make war with God (Revelation 12:7; 17:14; 19:19)? Or what if lost souls eventually take demoniac form like the forms of the creatures mentioned in Revelation 9:7-11 or Revelation 9:17-19? What if these fallen beings can only be subdued and contained by eternal fire (Jude 1:7; Exodus 24:7; Daniel 7:9-11; Isaiah 14:9-10; I Timothy 6:15,16; Hebrews 12:29)? The human mind that rejects the Bible has no light wherewith to comprehend the destructive power of the fallen, demoniac soul of man.


7. Misunderstanding eternity. Why does an unsaved soul perish in hell forever? According to the Bible, the disposition of condemned souls does not change in eternity; in hell, they reject truth and will not repent (Luke 16:23-31), just as they did on earth (Revelation 9:1-21). If a soul were ever freed from hell it would attempt to incite rebellion against God and defile the universe (Revelation 20: 7,8; John 8: 44). God’s Holiness endures forever, sinful beings endure forever; therefore, God must subdue and confine sinful beings forever. A fallen soul in hell fire will be in a conscious state of burning FOREVER because of the hideous perpetual nature of its own sin against TRUTH and GOD.


8. Misconception of God. The human mind, without the aid of Bible truth, cannot conceive of a God who would put man’s soul in hell. They ask: Why would God do such a thing? Yet man understands the need to incarcerate hardened criminals in order to protect society. A man who loves the purity of his wife or daughter will do all that is within his power to protect them. So it is with God. His love and holiness demand that he protect his children; so when there is no longer any hope of redeeming any of his creatures, he will judge and confine the fallen angels, and the devil, and the lost (Isaiah 24:20-23; Revelation 20:10-15), in hell fire. In so doing he will protect his children and “the new heavens and earth” from sin (Isaiah 66:22-24). Rebel souls and “the devil and his angels” will never again defile or harm anyone.


9. Pride of intellect. People will not yield to the truth of the Bible. Humanity is proud of its accomplishments and knowledge. People are proud of their learning. It is very difficult for them to admit that they are wrong and Jesus Christ is right, but this is what God requires. It is called repentance and a person must turn from their unbelief and subjective opinion to God or perish. An unbelieving, self-inflated, impenitent sinner cannot be tolerated in Eternity. Admit that you are a fallen, sinful creature and turn to God (Isaiah 1:18).


10. Self-deception. Many people have presumed that there COULDN'T be a place like hell and they willingly follow, believe, and trust the word of anyone that will assure them that there isn't one. Self-deception and denial are mental defenses used to exclude the Bible from the mind. Yet the same Bible that warns of hell fire also assures man that, “…the Lord ...is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” Jesus died for your sins in order to SAVE you from hell fire. Why not repent and believe now?


Jesus Christ died to save you from hell. Please read the following tract and receive Jesus Christ.


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Click here to learn how you can be saved right now!

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