Atheism is a belief system. There are no unbelievers in the world. You will die a believer in one thing or another. Repent and believe the gospel. 

10 Reasons Why I Am Not an Atheist



1. Atheism requires too much faith.
Which requires more faith, to believe that God created or that matter created?

2. Atheism is not reasonable.
Does disorder produce order? Does uncontrolled and undirected energy produce control and direction?

3. Atheism implies amorality.
Belief that there is  “no God” removes the basis for the standard of right and wrong, good and evil, and it implies there is no one to whom anyone will give account. It implies that there are no standards of conduct and no one to whom man will be accountable.

4. Atheism offers no benefits.
Heaven, forgiveness, relief from sorrow, purpose for suffering, eternal life and new heavens and earth are all benefits that are erased by Atheism.

5. Atheism is “unscientific.”
The propositions that there is no God and that God didn’t create and come to redeem man are “unfalsifiable.”  (“Unfalsifiable” is a “ten dollar” word and litmus test of “Science.”)

6. Atheism is a “crutch.”
Atheism assures its adherents that there is no sin, no judgment by God, no eternal guilt, no Heaven and no Hell. This is a comfort and “crutch” to an impenitent sinner.

7. Atheism postulates the improbable.
The possibility that man spontaneously developed over billions of years is highly improbable.

8. Atheism assumes the impossible.
The assumption that life spontaneously generated out of inanimate matter is forced upon the Atheist. Unless, they speculate that life came from “aliens.”

9. Atheism “deifies” matter.
In the beginning God created is simply altered to in the beginning matter created. This belief raises matter to the level of “God.”

10. Atheism destroys human hope.
Atheism removes the hope of Heaven, forgiveness, relief from sorrow, purpose for suffering, eternal life and the new heavens and earth. Life is then reduced to purposelessness and ultimately suffering.

No thanks. I’ll take Jesus and the Bible any day.
Repent and believe the gospel. 

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